This Savvy Amazon Hack Is The Ultimate Game Changer!


So the other day I finally lost it with fake reviews. I was shopping for a new TV since I’m watching so much Netflix during covid. I go to Amazon and realize that almost everything I’m looking at is either an ad or a fake review. I start looking elsewhere for some better info when a friend told me about this awesome plugin.

It’s called Hansel.

It’s one of those rare things that you download and never look back. It makes Amazon ten times better by giving you alerts when you view a product that has been researched by a main stream expert like Wirecutter. All you do is add it to Chrome, shop on Amazon, and see expert product advice during your normal online shopping routine. It’s that simple!

So what happened when I used Hansel to buy my new TV? Well, I quickly narrowed it down to a few options that passed the test from leading experts like Wirecutter, Tom’s Guide, and CNET. It gave me the confidence to stop going back and forth and just pull the trigger on a new TV.

Even though I’m not a big app person, I swear by Hansel now. I had long been sick and tired of reading fake reviews from someone half way around the world. Now I skip most of the research and just buy pre-vetted products!

You tell me, who doesn’t want free expert advice baked into their Amazon?

Do yourself a favor and check out Hansel below. I guarantee it will save you tens if not hundreds of hours of work!