Hansel is an easy way to see what your friends and family bought online.

With so many products and so much unverified information online, shopping items bought by people you trust is the fastest, easiest way to find products you love.

Hansel gives you a trail of breadcrumbs left by people you trust leading to products you love.

You control which of your items are viewed on Hansel, and we automatically hide sensitive items.

Hansel lets you instantly import your past purchases on Amazon and choose items to share by category or individually.

See if you qualify here.

Send your private invitation link to people you trust via email, text, or DM.

Hansel is currently available on Amazon. Please send requests for new sites to hello@gethansel.com.

Yes! Hansel puts your privacy first, uses leading data encryption, and never sells data to third parties.

Please email help@gethansel.com and our team will be happy to assist.